This Refreshing Meal Is a Treat for Summer Time!

When the weather gets hot outside, it’s time to put away the heavy pots and pans in favor of some lighter meals.

If you are getting tired of salads and crave something different, give this recipe a try. This salad recipe will blow you away with it simplicity and with how delicious it is.

The key to making this salad work for you is to get a little bit inventive. Of course, you can follow the instructions exactly but you may also want to try making your veggie noodles in different ways.

The beauty of this light salad is that it mimics the benefits of a BLT without all the carbohydrates. Not only is it a great meal to have during the warmer months, it can help to keep you in beach body shape as well.



1-2 cucumbers
1 chopped tomatoes
3 slices of bacon
1-2 tbsp. of mayonnaise
⅛ tsp. garlic powder
sea salt
black pepper

Spiral cut your cucumbers.
Add in your tomato, spices and mayo and stir.
Add crumbled bacon.

(Source: Simply Healthy Home)