Try This Space Cake With A Hidden Galaxy On The Inside

Many of us appreciate eating a birthday cake, regardless of whether it is our birthday or not. There is something about birthday cakes that we often want to get just right, and that is the fact that they are themed in one way or another. It often has to do with the person having the birthday and what they really like in life.

If you know somebody that loves looking at the stars and appreciate the universe around them, you will love making them this space cake. It looks absolutely beautiful on the outside but when you cut into it, that is where the magic really happens. It is relatively easy to do and if you follow the instructions, you can enjoy it for yourself.

Step 1 – The planets – For this cake you’ll need a white cake recipe. I did this because you want to have true colours and white galaxy/milky way swirls, rather than yellow tinged. Make white cake mixture and separate into five parts. I wanted Earth, Mars and the sun, so I coloured each part a different colour green, blue, red, orange and yellow. In a cake pop mould, make as many Earth balls as the mixture allows by adding green and blue dollops and blobs (starting and ending with blue). Repeat with red and orange (Mars) as yellow and red (the sun). Bake. Mine took 8 minutes each batch. If they come out funny or have an overflow crust you’ll have to trim them back into nice ball shapes after they’re cold. If you stop here, freeze them. If you’re powering on, continue to next step.

Step 2 – The galaxy cake – If you froze the balls, take them out and let them defrost naturally as you start this next step. This is essentially a marble cake. Make some more white cake mixture (I doubled the recipe I used for the balls). Separate into four portions in the ratio 4:1:1:1. Get a whole lot of food colour. I used a Americolour electric blue, black (use both to colour the largest saved portion), violet (one portion), electric pink (one portion). Colour each part as described and leave one part white. Pour in the dark blue and evenly place purple and pink blobs around tin. Pour the white on top of the coloured parts. Then mix with a skewer in swirly figure-8s all over a few times. Bake for ten minutes. Take out and using a spoon, make a space for the planets and drop them in halfway down, covering and gently shaking tin to ensure full coverage. Bake for another twenty minutes. You could drop them in and cover them, but I worried they would burn from double baking, also wasn’t sure about them sinking to the bottom.

Step 3 – Decorate how you like. I did space things on the outside, but I’ve seen galaxy frosting out there which you might like also.

H/T: Pedagiggle

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