Did you know…


Barbecue Baked Lays
America’s favorite chip contains “natural flavors” that include chicken.

Minute Maid Juices
Minute Maid’s fortified juice line contains Vitamin D. Awesome, right? Except that the vitamin D is derived from lanolin which is an oil secreted by sheep? Bah!!

Isinglass, a product using in the clarification process for many ales (including Guinness), is made of fish’ swim bladders. Though Guinness says that very little isinglass remains in the finished product, it still could have some traces. Nice!

The purple smarties are dyed using carmine, which is taken from cochineals (beetle-like insects). Also look out for Red 4 – that’s carmines, too.

Worcestershire Sauce
There’s always been something suspect about this sauce though…just saying. This zesty sauce contains anchovies.

Parmesan Cheese
Really? Parmesan cheese requires rennet in the curdling process. The only problem? Rennet is made of stomaches of newborn calves.

These mints contain gelatin made from the collagen inside animal’s skin and bones. Rock on!