Skip The Butter And Make Your Grilled Cheese With Mayo Instead

There are certain sandwiches that just are destined to be on our table over and over again. Included among those sandwiches is the grilled cheese, and it is likely that we pride ourselves on how we can make one perfectly. Of course, grilled cheese come in almost every shape and size that you can possibly imagine and there are even various names for the sandwich, including toasted cheese and even croque monsieur.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, however, they are delicious on the table. You are about to learn how to take them to the next level, and when you do, it will make this comfort food much more comforting! At the heart of the grilled cheese sandwich is the buttery crunch, and the cheese is often secondary.


This tip will have you running to the kitchen and once you make them this way, you will never turn back again.

What You Need: Nonstick pan, bread, cheese and a few teaspoons of mayonnaise.

How to do it: Put the pan on low heat. Skip the butter altogether and spread two slices of bread with and even coat of mayonnaise. Put one slice in the pan, mayo side down, top it with cheese and then and the other slice of bread mayo side up. Cook it for a few minutes until the bottom is golden brown, flip and repeat for the other side.

Why you should do it this way: first of all, mayonnaise spreads better than butter and it has a higher smoke point. In addition, the egg and oil and mayonnaise brown nicely and add a creamy flavor to the crusty bread.

You’re welcome!

Via: Pure Wow

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