Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes


7 cups sweet potatoes, scrubbed, cut in 1-inch cubes
1 tablespoon olive oil
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
4 cups coarsely chopped onions
1 tablespoon butter, melted

1 Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
2 Place the sweet potatoes in a shallow roasting pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.
3 Drizzle with the oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper; toss well to coat.
4 Place in preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes.
5 Add the onions; stirring well.
6 Bake an additional 30 minutes; remove from oven.
7 Preheat broiler.
8 Drizzle the sweet potato mixture with melted butter; stirring to coat.
9 Broil 10 minutes or until browned.