Sweet Tea just like Miss Kay

What is Miss Kay’s recipe for sweet tea?

Miss Kay’s tea is a smash hit on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, often prompting the question “What is in Miss Kay’s tea recipe?”. It seems every scene in the show someone is enjoying a tall fresh glass of this famous sweet tea.

Miss Kay hasn’t giving up her secret as of yet, but we’re going to take our best crack at it based on traditional sweet tea recipes, particularly those that are found in the South, where the Duck Dynasty clan lives (including the domestic goddess Miss Kay).

Classic Sweet Tea Recipe Like Miss Kay’s

The most common iced or sweet tea recipe in the South states of America, home of Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty, is dead simple. Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea, exactly what you’ll find in Lipton’s Iced Tea Bags. Another popular brand of tea for Southern sweet tea is Luzianne Bagged Iced Tea. Of course, you don’t have to use Lipton or Luzianne, as any Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea will do the trick just fine.

How To Make Sweet Tea Like On Duck Dynasty

Simply boil the tea bags in water over the stove to extract the tea’s flavors. Once boiled and still warm you add granulated sugar and cold water to taste. This explains how Miss Kay can have an abundance of this enticing sweet tea at all times.

This recipe is extremely popular in the Southern states, brewed up for generations to cool off during a hot summer’s day.

This down home iced tea recipe will transport you to a Southern paradise, relaxing on the porch and quenching your thirst from the suns rays.

Miss Kay’s tea recipe is no doubt a classic, a little piece of history passed through the ages, making it such a huge hit in the Robertson family. While this iced tea recipe may be a classic, it can be healthy.

A healthy alternative to granulated sugar is some organic honey or xylitol. Remember to slice some citrus fruits to add to the pitcher of sweet tea as well, this will enhance the effect of tea’s natural antioxidant properties.

So you may not be able to have Miss Kay’s exact secret tea recipe, but you can make your own iced tea with the same down home feel.