Want a yummy fall dish to go with dinner? Try this easy recipe. My BAKED APPLES that take minutes to prepare.
Clean, Peel, Core and Slice apples and put into GREASED dish. (I use 2 or 3 different kinds of apples) Top with cinnamon and sugar and dice up 1 to 2 Tablespoon of COLD butter and throw on top of apples. Bake COVERED at 350′ for 45 mins-1 hr depending on how many apples you have. Top with 1 bag of marshmallows, put back in oven enough to melt. 3 -5 minutes. Enjoy the aroma of apples and cinnamon baking in your oven!

(This recipe is whatever you want to make it. There is no right or wrong on how many apples, sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows or whatever other spices you would want to add.)