She Cut the Cake before She Frosted it. Now It’s Adorable!

Many people wonder what to serve when they get together with friends on Easter. After all, it’s a day where most people don’t have to work and it is a perfect time for friends and families to gather together.

If you want to serve them something extraordinary, why not try this cake? It will surely be the life of the party.

Although there is nothing wrong with making a normal cake, a few simple changes is all it takes to make it into something extraordinary!

In this recipe, we will turn a simple vanilla cake recipe with cream cheese icing into the perfect cake for Easter or for anybody who wants to serve something as cute as a button.


You can use whatever moist cake and sweet icing recipe you like, even one from a box. They are quite delicious on their own but when you have a cake this adorable, it is 99% presentation.

After making the cake, cut the entire cake into two pieces. Set aside to cool


Cover the top of one of the halves with a thick frosting. Take the second half and put it right on top of it! You should also cover a small piece of cardboard with a coat of frosting.


Stand the cake up on its flat side with the bottom against the cardboard. The frosting that you put on the cardboard will hold it in place.


The entire cake should resemble a taco at this point. Now take a knife and cut a top corner of the cake. Doing so will form the head of the rabbit. Use that scrap piece of cake to make a small tail for the bunny.


Cover the entire cake with frosting. At this point, you need to determine if you are going to add the coconut or leave it plain. If you don’t add coconut, apply a second layer of frosting and put it in the refrigerator. Distress the frosting with a fork to make it look like a furry coat.


If you are going to use coconut, apply the second layer of frosting if desired but cover the cake with coconut flakes rather than distressing it with a fork.


At this point, the bunny shape should begin to appear before your eyes. Cut out some paper ears and put them behind the head of the bunny.


It’s such a simple cake, you might want to make 2!


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of cakes, perhaps you could make one chocolate and one vanilla cake so everyone is happy.

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