Think Twice Before Eating These 10 Breakfast Foods


Low- or No-Fiber Cereals

Cereal high in carbohydrates & sugar and low in fiber will cause your blood sugar to spike, then quickly drop, which can lead to mid-morning cravings and moodiness. Instead, choose cereal with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. You can boost the fiber further by adding berries, a sprinkle of wheat germ or flaxseed, or sliced almonds.




Breakfast Bars

Most breakfast bars are loaded with sugar and have little to no protein and fiber. Recommended are the ones that combine protein, fiber, and healthy fats such as KIND bars, many of which have fewer than 5 grams of sugar and at least 5 grams of protein.




A Cup of Non-Fat Yogurt

This is a case of a too-small morning meal. Depending on your weight and activity levels, recommended is a calorie range of 250 to 400. So to your yogurt, add a small bowl of oatmeal, for example, to make a more complete and energy-boosting meal.




A Glass of Juice

It’s so surprising that many non-breakfast eaters grab a glass of juice and call it a meal, while actually it’s all carbs, all sugar, and not balanced with other nutrients. Suggested is something solid – with fiber, protein, and fat – like an apple and peanut butter.




Coffee Deluxe

Another popular morning meal is coffee with added syrups, sugar, and other ingredients that can add calories without protein or fiber. The caffeine boost may give you an immediate energizing jolt, but it won’t provide all-morning nourishment.





With sugar, refined carbs, and deep-fried fat, doughnuts are another breakfast food to avoid. If you’re going to indulge, at least pair the doughnut with protein or fat; try a handful of nuts, or a hardboiled egg.





Big bakery muffins often have more calories than you realize — as many as 600 to 800. If you must have a store-bought muffin, try to eat only half, and combine it with protein, like Greek yogurt. You can also make a healthy batch yourself; keep in the freezer and defrost one on hectic mornings.




A Bagel with Butter or Cream Cheese

Many bagels are the equivalent of four or more slices of white bread. Make this meal healthier by choosing a whole-wheat version, eating half, and spreading on a topping packed with protein and healthy fat, like mashed avocado and peanut butter.




Bacon and Sausage

Processed meats are the most harmful type of meat; consider these foods as “condiments,” not the main meal. Plus, save these breakfast meats for special occasions, like a family brunch. If you do indulge, make sure the rest of your breakfast includes healthy ingredients.




No Breakfast

Eating almost anything for breakfast is better than skipping it. Many people who try to bank morning calories to enjoy later often then overeat. If you’re one of the people who says you simply don’t feel hungry enough to eat when you wake, you need to look at your overall eating habits. Eating too much at dinner or snacking heavily before bed may be one problem.