Breakfast ideas


Breakfast ideas that will give you a nutritional

• Whole-grain cereal with milk or yogurt and berries

• Cooked oatmeal with milk and topped with raisins and

• Whole-grain pita pocket with peanut butter and banana

• Soft boiled egg on whole wheat toast with orange slices

• Whole-grain English muffin with melted cheese and apple

• Scrambled eggs with red peppers and salsa wrapped in a

• Cheese with whole-grain crackers and sliced tomatoes

• Homemade raisin bran muffin with a frozen fruit yogurt

• Scrambled eggs, whole-grain toast, one cup of milk and
sliced apples

• One-half cup of 100 percent orange juice, yogurt with
whole-grain cereal and hard-boiled egg

• Whole-grain toast with peanut butter, sliced apples, one
cup of milk

• Small fruit smoothie with fruit, yogurt and 100 per cent
fruit juice

• Yogurt parfait with plain yogurt, ground flax seeds and
fresh fruit with 100 per cent fruit juice.