Hot Dog Pizza


What do you think of mixing two famous and loved dishes into a delicious one? Pizza and hot dog are known all around the world and is difficult to find someone who doesn’t like them! So we decide to bring you this amazing idea that will make your mouth water: It´s the Hot dog Pizza!

This delicious and creative idea is no less than a pizza stuffed with hot dog sausages and covered with your favorite topping! Innovative and tasty, this idea can be already found in some pizza places around the world but if you like to adventure yourself in the kitchen or want to impress your family and friend you can try to prepare it at home. It´s really simple and easy! Here is the recipe:

To make the Hot-dog Pizza you will need:

For the dough:
420g flour
250ml warm water
1 table spoon of sugar
1 table spoon of salt
1 table spoon of active dry yeast
3 table spoon of vegetable oil
1 table spoon of butter- softened

hot dog pizza ss vert Hot Dog Pizza
Hot Dog Pizza
Mix all the ingredients very well to prepare the dough. Use a flat surface to knead the dough until it gets soft. Place it in a covered bowl and wait for about an hour until it doubled the size. After this open the dough with the help of a roll spin (this dough is sufficient to make 2 disks of pizza).

After the dough is ready, place boiled hot dog sausages on the edge of the dough disks and cover them with the border. Add tomato sauce and your favorite toppings: cheese, vegetables, chicken, ham, pepperoni, garlic, onions… Don´t give limits to your imagination!

When it is ready place it in the oven to bake. A nice idea is to have some sauces as mustard and ketchup in hands to squeeze inside the stuffed crust! I hope you enjoyed this post! Help yourself!