She Starts With Canned Biscuits but 30 Minutes Later, Delicious!

There are certain ingredients you might find at the grocery store that are quite nice in many ways. One of those items are canned biscuits, a special treat that can be used for a number of delicious recipes.

Not only do they save time, they taste amazing. For this special recipe, it all starts with some cans of cold pillsbury biscuits.

After only 30 minutes, you have a sticky, gooey and delicious recipe that will quickly become a family favorite.

The name of the recipe is Orange Vanilla Monkey Bread, and you will not believe how easy it is to make.

1. Zest a few oranges


2. Chill The Canned Biscuits – Pull them out of the refrigerator right before you use them.


3. Cut the biscuits into Quarters – Since they are cold, this step is much easier.


4. Keep Cutting Till You Have a Pile – Keep this pile of goodies set aside for a moment.


5. Combine 1 Cup of Sugar and a Dash of Salt in a Large Ziploc Bag – Not too much salt, just a pinch


6. Add the Zest – Now it will start smelling great


7. Mix it up – Shake the bag until it is well mixed


8. Drop the Pieces in the Bag – Just put them right on top of the sugar/salt/zest mixture


9. Shake the Bag Until The Pieces are Coated – Make sure to close the bag first 🙂


10. Empty the Bag Into a Bundt Pan – Keep the level even and set it aside


11. Melt 2 Sticks of Butter in a Medium Saucepan – This is where it starts to get really good


12. Add Brown Sugar – 3/4 cup of brown sugar goodness


13. Add Vanilla Extract to the Pan – 1 full tablespoon. This smells great!


14. Mix it all Together – Don’t worry if there are still some clumps. It makes it even yummier


15. Pour the Gooey Sauce over the Pieces in the Bundt Pan – Now you’re getting the idea


16. This is how it will look


17. Bake in a 350 Degree Oven for 25 Minutes – The top will turn golden brown


18. IMPORTANT: Wait 10 Minutes Before Flipping the Pan – It may be hard to wait at this point but you don’t want all of the gooey sauce to run out of the pan


19. Remove the Pan – This looks lovely


20 Enjoy! – And it tastes even better!


Via: Pioneer Woman

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