You’ve Been Eating These 21 Foods Completely Wrong Your Entire Life

I’m from the school of thought where if you put things in your mouth and chew, eating is a success. Well, apparently that thinking is outdated because thanks to the Internet, there’s new and better ways to eat your favorite foods. In fact, some of these foods I’ve been eating completely wrong my entire life, and I bet you’ll feel the same. Eating just got so much more efficient.

1. Use lettuce as a delicious taco safety net

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via Mashable

2. Add bacon to your cinnamon rolls (trust me)

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via Plain Chicken

3. Make your to-go salads in mason jars. Add the salad dressing to the jar first so your lettuce doesn’t wilt, and add your extra veggies in between!

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4. Use your waffle iron to make hash browns

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via Food Network

5. Cut kiwis in half for a built-in bowl

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via Women’s Health Mag

6. Dunk better

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via College Humor

7. Instead of regular tacos, make walking tacos! Perfect for on-the-go, and less mess too

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via Dinner is Ready

8. Use the jelly pocket method to make PB&J

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via Lifehacker

9. Hasselback potatoes will forever change your potato game

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via Seasaltwithfood

10. Eat sushi fish-side down so you don’t over-saturate your rice

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Learn why here.

11. Dip your Oreos in milk and then pop them in the freezer. Amazing!

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12. How to eat watermelon mess-free

13. Follow proper procedure for making sandwiches

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14. Spiral your hot dogs for a more even cook

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15. The right way to eat corn on the cob

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via Huffington Post

Dainty bites (and in a row) is the trick.

16. Bacon pancakes are a more delicious way to consume breakfast

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via Cooking with Mel

17. How to properly eat a cupcake

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18. “Hard-boil” your eggs in the oven

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19. Stop double-dipping and split a pint of ice cream the better way

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via I Waste So Much Time

20. Make the perfect BLT every time

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21. Use your Chinese food containers as plates

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