Strawberry Navel Orange Lemonade Spritzer


This colorful, fruity drink is sure to please everyone at the party. Sweet citrus juices are combined with strawberries and given a fizzy kick with club soda. Serve it with a fresh fruit garnish for the kids or add an optional splash of gin or vodka for the adults. This recipe suggests juicing the fruits using a centrifugal juicer, but mashing and straining the strawberries and juicing the citrus by hand will yield similar results.


10 to 12 strawberries, hulled
6 Paramount Citrus lemons, peeled
2 Paramount Citrus navel oranges, peeled
24 to 32 oz. club soda or seltzer, cold
Strawberries or citrus slices for garnish


1. Using a centrifugal juicer, feed in the strawberries, then the lemons and finally the oranges. Stir the juice.

2. Pour ¼ of the juice into each of four 8 to 10 ounce glasses. Add club soda or seltzer to fill each glass. Garnish with fruit and serve.